Customer Journey Mapping Process , Mapping System Development, Deployment and Training

Project Overview

Alison Law, are a fast-growing company within the legal sector who have moved into 4 cities and towns over the last 5 years. They have won accolade, within the market for entrepreneurial spirit and customer excellence. ANMC Ltd. were brought in by one of the senior partners to provide a case for change, in light of the challenges of running 4 offices in different locations for the business. The primary drivers were to standardise processes and systems to provide visibility of new areas for growth. Our team, carried out an in-depth review of systems and processes using the 10-layer model to propose an alternative system for managing cases. The market leading case management that was employed at the practice was replaced with a bespoke system that integrated with the online customer portal providing customers with status updates. This has vastly cut costs for the business and allowed them to join different sites using a central dashboard. We are still engaged with the client for the foreseeable future on a consultative basis, having implemented most of the changes.

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