Rochdale Coroners Digital Transformation


Rochdale Coroners Digital Transformation

End to End Digital Transformation

Project Overview

The Coroner’s office located in Rochdale handles deaths from Rochdale, Oldham and Bury. Over the years, factors such as budgets cuts, staff turnover and a lack of modernization from a technical perspective meant that the service was meeting client expectations at the detriment of staff morale and inability to plan. ANMC placed one of its most experienced consultants within the central Rochdale ICT function tasked with finding a way out of this complex problem. Within 2 weeks of the engagement a healthy relationship with the coroner and staff resulted in the gathering of considerable evidence using a widely recognised systems thinking approach called Soft Systems Methodology. This allowed the senior management of the council, coroner’s office and other authorities contributing to the service the ability to get a clearer picture off the problems and us an opportunity to create a transformation plan. The successful delivery of the transformation which included business transformation coupled with the utilization of digital products enabled the positive turnaround of the service. This transformation was identified as best practice by the Chief Coroner and the team were nominated for an innovation award with the I-Network.

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