Problem solving, not just consulting

We strive to help our clients solve their most complex problems.

Who we are

Founded in 2013, we are a specialist consultancy that has helped numerous clients avoid the pitfalls of large IT investments by empowering them to lead suppliers to delivering the digital solutions they actually need rather than ones off the shelf.

We have an extensive portfolio of successful assignments and a growing base of clients across many industries and disciplines ranging from Financial Services, Tech sector, Healthcare to the Public sector where we have made the largest impact.

What we do

Every new client assignment begins with a conversation about the clients perception of the problem leading to an opportunity for us to gain a first-hand view of the organisational setting to define the scope of work and validate the problem.

We always minimise the disruption to the clients business as usual work whilst we start getting to grips with the relationship between the problem, the people, the processes, the systems and the customers. The output is always a useful by product that many of our clients retain for communicating what they do even when we leave.

Our Services

Our services are geared around enabling successful Digital transformations by empowering the business to change their structures and processes alongside their people. We believe this change is a pre-requisite for delivering the true value of Technology.

Our services portfolio comprises the best tools within business analysis and consultancy which we constantly update with best-practice.

Case Studies

Download our whitepaper

Our whitepaper contains years of insight and is aimed to bring you up to date with latest trends in organisational practices and identifying untapped market potential.

What makes us unique

Requirements led versus IT
The company has a portfolio of saving companies money and delivering the solutions that fit the organisational setting of the company.
A unique approach
Our clients get access to decades of experience and expertise in both the theoretical and practical aspects of problem solving.
Long-term relationship
We provide each client with a specific Sharepoint site from day one which will contain a project plan, templates and act as a repository for all their documentation.
Soft-systems methodology
Our proven methodology is guided by Peter Checkland’s “Soft-systems methodology”. Using our founder’s experience, we can provide templates which you can adopt immediately.

Our Clients

Associations and links

We have extensive networks with accreditation bodies within the field of consulting, local academic institutions and many Digital Technology providers within Media City (Salford).

Our services are not only limited to offering recommendations helping clients getting the right Digital Delivery models but utilising our ensure partner relationships that have helped deliver bespoke Digital solutions following our needs assessments

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