Case Studies

Over the years, we have helped 100s of businesses and individuals in achieving their business potential. Here, you can find some of the cases we worked on, and their results.

We are passionate for success and success is what we enable for anyone who comes to us.

Bitcoin mania

A group venture looking at implementing a complex alogorithm to help potential digital investors select the right bitcoin provider required ANMC's consultancy skills to work with cross border teams to create a complex website. This assignment was a steep learning curve requiring vast reading on the bitcoin revolution in parallel to creating a secure digital site.

Prioritising health and safety

A highly succesful chain of Indian restaurants in the Newcastle area wanted to utilise our services to tighten their processes and adherence to health and safety requirements. This assignment allowed us to get to know the food inustry and work with a best practice restaurant chain.

Franchising out

After the TV popularity of the 'Man versus Food' concept a very innovative entrepreneur sought ANMC's help to see the options for expanding the food chain into different locations. A period of competitor analysis and market readiness led to a few attractive options for expansion.

Creating models of best-practice for software asset management

Providing specialist skills to create a best-practice model for managing software licensing compliance with major providers for the bank.

The value of a documented process

The client made significant inroads into different towns and cities under the auspices of a small senior management team. Their was a realisation that the expansion strategy needed to be coupled with a focus on smarter working and an upskilling of the senior management team on good governance.

Revolutionising public services using best practice digital transformation

ANMC used 'Soft Systems Methodology' to provide a holistic approach to solving the problem of providing optimum customer services with future cuts to budgets. The successful approach resulted in highly innovative service offerings that acted as 'best practice' for other local authorities

Transformation of key services

Working under the auspices of the senior management team to implement a new way of working using customer journey mapping and leadership training.

Commoditising household services

The viability of launching a new concept in the market required ANMC to undertake some extensive research using SWOT Analysis, 5 forces, Value Chain proposition and many other tools to see whether the gap in the market was worth servicing. The business case options led to a complete re-think of the concept and saved the yorkshire based business dragon tonnes of money.

Creating new operating models for better customer journeys

The Landing faced a problem with application of a holistic model to take advantage of their ability to provide all the key components required for a start up wanting to explore 5G and associated AR and VR service offerings.

Revolutionising Carbuying through 3D websites

A new venture pioneered by an expeert in the car industry required some help to get a concept customer proofed. Anmc worked with the client to understand the value proposition and overcome barriers to industry in a market dominated by a few well known players to Autotrader.

Introduction of the TNG e-wallet to Pakistan

ANMC undertook a feasibility study which looked at different options for entering the Pakistani market with high-level engagement with the State Bank of Pakistan and other key institutions such as the Securities Exchange.